15 Good Natural Remedies to Control your Diabetes

Diabetes is a modern-day plague that is slowly attacking millions of people all across the globe. It does not limit itself to an age group or any social strata or a race as it takes its victims randomly and cruelly. So far no medicine has been developed to eradicate this menace for good but only have managed to suppress it for as long as a patient lives. Diabetes involves 2 types, type1 and 2 which basically mean that the body is incapable of creating insulin enough or at all to control the increase of sugar in the blood.  Daily insulin injections and strict diet regimen help in control the sugar spikes in blood. But there are some natural methods to control sugar spike in blood as well which help along with medication. Here are 15 natural remedies for  diabetes.

1. Hibiscus leaves

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Confederate rose also called hibiscus flower in many parts of the world contains ferulic acid which boosts insulin production and effectively clears the blood of extra glucose. You can make a drink of this flower and drink it on empty stomach for 8 days. Here’s how to make it. Wash the hibiscus leaves and put it in a blender with fresh water and blend it till smooth. Now take another glass with water and mix with 1 tbsp of the mix and set aside for 24 hrs. Drink it up after a day.


2. Okra + rice water drink

www.spiritselfhealth.com-natural remedies for diabetes

Okra or as the English would call it “ lady fingers” is a super food, basically abundant in tropical countries south of the hemisphere and quite a staple in their daily diet but these days thanks to globalization, okra are found and grown everywhere. Since its high in fiber content, it also reduces the sugar content in blood as well. Here’s how to eat it, firstly cut the okra in thin slices. Simultaneously prepare rice broth by boiling rice in fresh water. Carefully drain the rice, while tipping the cut okra in the hot rice broth for an overnight soak. Squeeze the okra in the rice water and drink it every day.


3. White radish

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White radish or as the Japanese would call it daikon radish is yet another super food and natural source of blood sugar reduction agent. Moreover, it is also a source of a plethora of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and C.

Make a simple salad by dicing the radish in long strips, add carrots and ginger or any other veggies you prefer and eat daily preferably fresh and not out of the freezer.


4. Raw honey + cinnamon

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People with diabetes often have to hunt for sugar substitutes which are healthy and well as natural. Honey is the best answer to that. Raw honey has great effects on blood lipids and weight loss. If taken cautiously with cinnamon, it cleanses the system from bad cholesterol and reduces blood sugar. All you need to do is to take a few cinnamon sticks and boil them in fresh water. Pour the cinnamon water in a cup with 1tbsp honey and mix well. Drink this concoction daily.


5. Raw honey + yogurt

It’s a known fact that yoghurt has probiotics which beneficial for any sort of intestinal and digestive problems. They produce hormones which boost the immunity as well as metabolism and according to WebMD, Yoghurt also reduces blood sugar too. How to consume it you ask?  Well, take 2 tbsp of raw honey and add it to a bowl of plain yogurt. Eat this tasty starter as your daily breakfast.


6. Raw honey + dry mint

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Both spearmint, as well as peppermint, has a therapeutic effect on diabetic patients. that one must add it generously to their daily diet and here is how they can do it. Take a small bowl of mint powder (available in any supermarket) and add 2 tbsp of raw honey and mix it up. Then add 1 tbsp of this mixture to a glass of lukewarm water and gulp it down in empty stomach every morning.


7. Green banana juice

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Green bananas have pectin and other resistant starch which reduces levels of blood sugar especially after you have had a meal. That’s why green banana juice is right up on the list for diabetes control. It’s simple to make it as all you need is peeled green bananas, slice it and put it in boiling water for just 2 minutes. Drain the water and blend the boiled bananas into a smoothie with some added water. You can drink this empty stomach as well as after a heavy meal.


8. Ayurveda powder: coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder.

A mix of seeds such as coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek and  turmeric together is called the Ayurvedic seed mix. This can reduce the blood sugar and restore the normal insulin production by the body itself. The method of consumption is as follows, take tsp of each seed. Separately dry roast fenugreek seeds and set aside for 2 minutes. Fry the cumin, fennel and coriander seeds together in the same way. Grind all these seeds in dry powder with turmeric added a bit later. Take 1 Tsp of this powder and add into a glass of water. Gulp it down at least twice a day before breakfast and dinner and check your glucose and insulin level after 3 days.



9. Ginseng tea

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If you consume Ginseng tea daily you can experience a drastic blood glucose level and blood sugar levels as well. Take ginseng roots and cut it into thin slices (approximately 3 grams of root per cup). Add the roots into a boiling water kettle for 5 minutes. Remove the roots and add room temperature water and drink this tea regularly. Or better still if you want to avoid all the hassles buy ginseng tea bags available in stores.


10. Ginger Tea


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It’s a well-known fact that ginger greatly helps in curing a cold and congestion but did you know it also reduces blood sugar levels by 35 %? Among the good natural remedies for diabetes , it also increase the insulin production with a whopping 10 %! Here’s how you incorporate this super food, take a ginger root and peel it and slice it in a cup. Pour boiling water and raw honey for sweetness. Drink this tea daily.


11. Garlic and curry

Curry powder itself is potent for blood sugar, but when taken along garlic it’s lethal for blood glucose. Just make a tasty dish of garlic chicken masala from the recipes available on the site try eating it regularly.


12. Broccoli and other greens

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Every diabetic patient is supposed to incorporate a healthy dosage of green veggies in their diet daily which reduces the glucose levels and boosts the insulin production. Here’s how to do it, take 1 cup frozen broccoli with 1.5 cup pineapples add 1 peeled bananas and 1 cup of fresh baby spinach. At the end add unsweetened almond milk and blend all the ingredients into a smoothie and gulp it down.


13. Aloe Vera drink

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This drink especially needed for patients with type 2 diabetes. Aloe Vera juice can drastically reduce the blood sugar content. How to make it? Well wash an Aloe Vera leaf and squeeze the gel and juice in a jar, add water to dissolve the gel. To add some tastes add some raw honey or lemon juice. Drink this daily without fail.


14. Flaxseed tea

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Flaxseeds are known to reduce the glucose levels in diabetic patients but many are ignorant about how to use it? So here we go: grind the flaxseeds and add cinnamon powder and hot water to the mix. Now let it rest for 8 minutes before you add honey for taste. The drink is ready for daily consumption.


15.  Jackfruit

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Among natural remedies for diabetes,  the bonus tip is the jackfruit which is a super food as it has a rich mineral quotient, proteins and vitamins. Jackfruits can sustain glucose levels because of its high fiber content and very low glycemic index in its seeds which are unripe. So eat away for low blood sugar.


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