10 Fashion Items That Are Secretly Damaging Your Health

Article by Gargi Chakravorty

Studies have proven how fashion trends damage your health. 73% of back problems faced by women are due to the clothes and accessories they wear. According to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), there are various items of clothing that are bad for women’s health and yet women aren’t even aware of it. For example, skinny jeans are bad for you and there are several studies to prove it. It goes to show that there are many health dangers lurking in your wardrobe and here are 10 of them which you may be wearing every day.

1.Tight pants or Skinny Jeans


They may be a rage and super popular but they are one of the worst culprits to damage your health. Skinny jeans lead to compression of limbs and hips causing poor circulation and impeding blood flow that oxygenates your body. It also causes dilated veins and poor digestion. Read one case study how skinny jeans causes nerve and muscle damage. Skinny jeans and tight pants create pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve causing numbness and pain in the legs especially the thighs

2. High heels


Studies at Auburn University found that women suffer from foot problems much more than men do. The problems women experienced more included calluses, osteoarthritis, nerve damage, ankle sprains and joint pain. All this is blamed on high heels according to various studies that feel that the higher and narrower the heels the worse it is for you.

Limit your wearing of high heels only to short necessary occasions and purchase more comfortable ones that provide more support and balance your feet. When going on long distance walks and for work, flatter heels should suffice.

3. Thongs


They may be sexy and your man may love them but your nether regions certainly won’t. Thongs can cause vaginal infections, irritation, hemorrhoids and chafing in the genital area. Doctors feel that we should always wear cotton underwear but thongs such as the sexy lacy types are made of nonbreathable material and besides the problems mentioned, they can also cause skin tags caused by the skin tissue rubbed constantly in the same spot.

Restrict your thongs for special intimate nights and wear cotton underwear as a routine garment.

4. Heavy earrings and necklaces


Research has found that 20% of ear piercings end up in bacterial infection. Incorrect procedures can even cause future infection and be life threatening too. Large and heavy earrings can damage your earlobes which may then require plastic surgery for fixing.

The same thing with necklaces. A heavy one can cause neck pain and even difficult-to-treat contractures.

5. Ties


To be practical here, it isn’t ties that are directly a health issue but tight collars. This is a problem for men too where a study at Cornell University found that 67% of men purchase shirts with small necks. This creates a tighter tie knot that impedes blood circulation, increases intraocular pressure, limits neck movement and circulation, headaches and tension in the shoulders and back.

6. Ill-fitting bras


The wrong size of bra can actually cause problems, especially in your shoulder and back. It can also lead to spinal tension, heartburn, and spinal pain. Always try on your bras when purchasing them. For those with big breasts, avoid thin straps that provide poor support. For those with a smaller bust, ensure that the metal underwires do not rub or damage your skin.

7. Flip-flops


Yes, these harmless-looking things are also among items damaging your health. If you thought skinny jeans were bad, these are equally so. Flip-flops increase the risk and pressure on your feet even as you wear them at the beach. They can cause scraping of the feet leading to infection. Because they are flat, flip-flops cause your heels to impact the ground harder causing back pain and discomfort.

8. Shapewear


They may give you the appearance of a hot figure but at what cost? Tight girdles can reduce blood circulation, muscle pain, and breath shortness. Read what women’s health mag has to say about shapewear and health. If at all you need to wear shapewear on an occasion, choose lycra for better support and comfort.

9. Extra-large handbags


Most women love carrying oversized handbags especially to and from work. Yes, we know all your knick-knacks and makeup fits in there including work you bring home but it just isn’t good for you. This is one of the items listed in the British Chiropractic Association as a health problem. When you carry too much weight on one shoulder, it can cause spinal problems, and muscle pain in the shoulders and back. It can also cause joint damage. Cary you oversize sack if you want but don’t fill it with stuff and make it heavy.

10. Pencil Skirts


Pipe skirts are bad for you because they bring your legs too close to each other creating a condition for disbalance and the risk of falling. It hinders and limits movement and what’s worse is that it causes knee malformation and muscle strain and pain.

be fashionable but at the same time, not at the cost of your health. Wear practical items to work and wear such things for short occasions only. for those who sit too long and working people here is some worthwhile reading. Here are 6 Stretching Exercises for Sitting too long


Gargwww.spiritselfhealth.com-skinnyjeans-bad i Chakravorty is a passionate writer for blogs and websites. She is a History Honors Graduate currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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Article by Gargi Chakravorty Studies have proven how fashion trends damage your health. 73% of back problems faced by women …