Spiritself Health is all about reflecting on how one can keep healthy in the wake of constraints and challenges of our daily lives. I’m Andrew Kevin Alpin and I have started this website after much thought and deliberation on how one needs valuable and concise information about tackling health, wellness and disease.

I’m no doctor but what I do possess is a good insight on matters of life, wellness and positivity. My experience and ability to compile information could be of invaluable help to my readers in the quest for daily health.
I shall endeavour to provide you the best of health tips, wellness, articles on positivity, alternative healing, relationships, tackling anxiety and depression. In doing so, I also educate myself through my quest for knowledge as I embark upon an incredible journey with you.

Spiritself Health isn’t just about me. It’s about sharing and creating a community where I welcome your own comments and wisdom to help fellow readers and me learn something new everyday. I personally believe that the power of healing lies within us. It lies within the power of an inner self where mind over matter is a vital key to a healthier lifestyle and happier mind. This is why I named my website Spiritself Health. Please share the content you read on Spiritself Health here to spread the the vibration of positivity so that the world becomes a better place

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