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Five Exercises after Forty to Prevent Disease, Keep Fit and Healthy


Once you reach 40, life may take a different turn in terms of health, but it doesn’t really have to be that way. Being physically active even after 40 can raise life expectancy to a considerable extent. The key to being healthy is performing exercises suited to prevent the risk of diseases that can strike after 40. Thus here are five exercises after forty which you should do every week to stay fit, happy and healthy

To Prevent Heart Disease

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Cardiovascular workouts thrice a week are the best way to prevent heart problems and improve cardiovascular health. Heart pumping exercises like running, dancing, rowing, and swimming are all great workouts for your heart.  To get the maximum from cardio, you have to exercise 80% of your maximum heart rate for half an hour thrice a week.

 When doing cardio, make sure you work up a sweat because that’s the best way to ensure optimum gains and maintain healthy organs

To prevent osteoporosis

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High impact weight bearing exercise at least twice a week can help build bone strength and prevent osteoporosis and the risk of fractures. Such activity like dancing, jumping jacks and racquet sports as well as light jogging can strengthen your skeletal system for strong bones.

To Prevent Arthritis

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Strength training is a good exercise after forty as it prevents arthritis whose risk increases with age. Chronic joint pain and stiffness increases as you age and can be worse if you are overweight. Strength training prevents aches and pains associated with arthritis. Squats, dead lifts and overhead presses can do much to strengthen multiple joints and muscles. You need to workout at least twice or thrice a week

To Fight Depression

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Among the best exercises after forty to combat depression, stress and anxiety is yoga. Woman between 45 and 65 all invite the risk of depression but yoga increases GABA, a mood regulating neurotransmitter which is reduced in those with depression. Yoga is good for stress reduction, flexibility and insomnia. It also gives you the benefits of strength based training and cardiovascular conditioning. Yoga once a week is ideal to reduce stress and depression.

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To Prevent Back Pain

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Among exercises after forty, back strengthening workouts are most important as back pain is one of the most common problems that increase with age. Performing a plank for 90 seconds thrice a week is ideal for you to decrease back pain.  The plank strengthens and tones your core muscles while working out your abs and the muscles in your chest. Once these muscles get stronger, they help strengthen your lower back and reduce the risk of pain and inflammation.

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Active Isolated Stretching, the Technique of Oxygenating Your Body for Improved Health

Active isolated Stretching is a unique technique to oxygenate muscles by stretching them for a few seconds only. The route to healthy living is physical activity. Unless you are physically active you will never provide your body with a condition of well being. Physical activity increases energy, reduces tiredness and ensures a good supply of oxygen to different organs. However there are ways and means of oxygenating your body for complete physiological nourishment and good cognitive function.

Active Isolated Stretching, WHAT IS IT?

Active isolated stretching or AIS is a new technique which will give you every factor required for good health. AIS regenerates your body and supplies your muscles with vital oxygen for better function, growth and strength. AIS is a comprehensive technique of stretching exercises that involve muscle stretching in various ways to ensure a compete flow of oxygen to that particular muscle.

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 An uninterrupted and constant flow of oxygen to a particular muscle spikes up factors that promote muscle health. It works as an instant tonic. It consists of stretches not more than two seconds where a stretch should be completed without initiating the myotatic stretch reflex and the body’s preventive ability to contract a muscle when sensing an abnormality and thus prevent stretching

Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

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  • Invigorated muscles
  • Increases blood flow
  • Oxygenates the entire body
  • Reduces muscle rigidity and atrophy
  • Promotes functionality of underdeveloped muscles
  • Renews health and increases energy
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Unclogging of arteries
  • Improves oxygen levels to the brain

How AIS helps in muscle recovery.


In typical cases of muscle fatigue, extensive and vigorous workouts causes catabolism of muscles in which muscle protein is broken down. This results in wear and tear and muscle soreness. AIS performed after workouts are great for muscle recovery. Every muscle will receive a renewed dose of oxygen to restore normal function and strength.

www.spiritselfhealth.com-active isolated stretching

The active isolated stretching technique requires one to stretch various muscles and hold the stretch for a period of 2 to 5 seconds. AIS involve general stretching and isolated stretching. Isolated muscles when stretched receive extra oxygen thus nourishing and rejuvenating the muscle.

The physiology of your body is such that it prevents extensive use of muscles. Soreness and wear and tear are the symptoms of such effects. AIS seek to increase the threshold of endurance thus reducing the workout recovery period making your muscles stronger.watch the video below.

Physiological benefits of AIS

  • Spondylitis
  • Muscle recovery
  • Aches and muscle sprains
  • Muscle injuries
  • Oxygenation of entire body
  • Shoulder sprains
  • Hamstring tears
  • Low back pain
  • Carpal syndrome
  • Muscle atrophy
  • AIS and Oxygenation

Oxygenation is a natural health benefit which seeks to improve the flow of oxygen to organs in the body. Every organ in your body requires oxygen to function well. Through AIS you improve this flow where daily stressful activity and lack of exercise reduces oxygen flow causing organs to function slowly. This is the main reason for lethargy and fatigue; oxygenation improves all this and invigorates your body to feature a much healthier disposition. Not only do you get physically fit, your mental well being improves resulting in better cognitive function. Unobstructed flow of oxygen to the brain stimulates your cognitive abilities reducing stress and promoting positive thought.

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Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Always position three joint in the direction of the stretch
  • Always do at least 8-10 repletion’s of each stretch
  • Stretch slowly towards irritation then hold for two seconds
  • Do not apply to much pressure on any muscle
  • Always return to starting position after completing a stretch
  • Do not try to prolong a stretch instead go to starting point and repeat the stretch
  • For more complex stretches use an assistant
  • Always breathe and EXHALE during stretches which promotes further oxygenation
  • AIS Will Give You a New Lease of Life

The unique factor of Active Isolated Stretching is such that you can even formulate your own stretches once you get experienced in the technique. Stretching always helps the body in number of ways. AIS takes stretching to a new level of recovery where your muscles will get more than their share of nourishment through oxygenation.. Moreover the increased benefits of AIS and oxygenation improve cardiovascular activity giving you a stronger heart.

www.spiritselfhealth.com-active isolated stretching

Forget about the motto “no pain no gain” No exercise should ever put your muscles and body parts in a dangerous position with excess force that can lead to injury. Your body has limitations and exercise is meant to increase those limitations of your muscles not injure them.

For comprehensive details on active isolated stretching at www.stretchingusa.com or watch another video below by Adarsh Williams where you can even stretch at home.


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7 Ways on How to Improve Mood through Exercise for Good Health and Happiness

 How to improve mood is a good question. Negative emotions, stress and tension are common symptoms faced by almost everyone because of a stressful fast paced lifestyle. While therapy may work, constant medication isn’t a healthy prospect. Physical activity and exercise however can do much to rid your body of unwanted stress and tension where it has been scientifically proven that your mood can be elevated by exercises such as yoga and meditation. Here are 8 of the best exercises to boost your mood


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An intense kickboxing workout is the best way to take out all the pent up anger and frustration collected during the course of the working day. It is the most stimulating solution on how to improve mood and rid yourself of aggression. Stressful living can frustrate you and make you angry.  Temper and aggression on a punching bag through kickboxing not only de-stresses you but is also great for health

High Intensity Interval Training

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HIIT is the modern day workout proven by physiological science to provide the richest health benefits and weight loss in the shortest time possible. HIIT is ideal for working people with less time on their hands, Rather than spend hours at the gym. A short 30 minute HIIT session is enough to calm your mind. It helps you stay fit and makes you lose weight in the bargain. Consult with a trainer to formulate a good HIIT workout plan best for you.

Tai Chi

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The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is rejuvenating and is one of the best disciplines to de stress the mind. It strengthens your mental faculties, increases focus and helps you achieve calm and inner peace. It also fights against exhaustion, mental fatigue and helps you sleep.

Barre Classes.

www.spiritselfhealth.com-how to improve mood

Barre classes will teach you how to improve mod in a fun way. It is a unique way to stay fit and make friends too. Working out and sweating away alongside like minded people is not only calming it relives tension and depression too. Health studies prove that being in the company of friends works wonders for the mental and physical health of an individual

 Cycling For Stress Relief

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A good cycle ride along with a partner in the countryside is one of the best stress relieving activities. Cycle sprints can also improve your fitness and physical health too. If you do not have the time, then hit the gym for a few minutes to enjoy the benefits of a cycling session. Cycling is one of the best exercises teaching you how improve mood and gain confidence.

High Energy Zumba Classes

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Zumba is the new rage and it is full of energy and fun. Zumba classes enhances mood by releasing all your tension and pent up energy. It is also a calming activity full of fun because of the dance factor and is great as a socializing activity too. Zumba increases fitness, physical health and is a great way to lose weight because it can make you really work up a sweat.


www.spiritselfhealth.com-how to improve mood

Yoga has now been accepted the world over as one of the best exercises to boost your mood. It is great for stress and physical health. Yoga is a mental stress buster which rejuvenates and calms the mind. If you’re looking for a temperamental way on how to improve mood through then yoga is the best choice. It also increases flexibility focus and concentration. As a healthy activity that requires minimum space, yoga benefits a number of disease and improves sleep, low back pain and digestion

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8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat While Sleeping

Did you know that you can actually burn fat while sleeping? Even though you may be fast asleep, your body is still burning calories. Your body functions to maintain the working of your organs, the nervous system, digestion, the circulatory system and various metabolic functions. When you sleep you also burn calories but to get maximum benefit from this aspect of your metabolism you need to follow certain methods that will boost up the fat burning process during the night. Here are 8 ways to burn fat while sleeping.

1. White tea contributes to weight loss while sleeping

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img src-drhealthbenefits.

Studies prove that drinking white tea in the morning contributes more to the fat burning process at night. White tea is true herbal tea as it comes from the leaves of the actual tea plant camellia Sinensis.White tea undergoes minimal processing. As a result, it retains most of its nutrients making it a healthier version of tea.

2. Avoid carbs in the evening

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Integral to your metabolism during sleep are the HGH or human growth hormone and IGF-1 insulin growth factor. Both these are produced at night. The presence of HGH acts as a trigger for IGF-1 production which is released b y the liver and skeletal; muscles for muscle and tissue repair. IGF-1 also shares the same receptor sites as insulin the hormone that regulates fat metabolism and carbohydrate.

High carb foods and snacks before bedtime increases the presence of insulin pushing IGF-1 aside. Consume your calories from carbohydrate during the day and avoid it as much as possible at night. This reduces insulin levels at night which helps your body burn fat.

3. Drink a protein shake or increase protein in the evening

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Proteins prevent high blood sugar at night. Protein at night will help in muscle growth; repair injured or sore muscles and burn fat while sleeping. Moreover protein digestion burns more calories than any other food group. Eat protein 2 hours before sleeping because when digested it won’t spike insulin or blood sugar but will stabilize their levels before the extended fast of sleep. Protein foods to consume at night can consist of lean chicken breast, lean meat, fish and egg.

You can also opt for a light dinner and drink a protein shake with bananas because bananas are rich in magnesium and contain tryptophan, an amino acid that produces melatonin responsible for sleep which you will read about further below.

 4. Eat foods rich in tryptophan at night

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Foods such as turkey, chicken and eggs should be consumed at night as they contain tryptophan that contributes to better digestion and restful sleep. Moreover the protein content in such foods is high and as mentioned earlier; more calories will be burnt during protein digestion which means you burn fat while sleeping. This happens because in order to digest protein your body needs energy from calories. The absence of energy from carbs at night will make your body burn fat for fuel.

5. Sleep in darkness

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Sleeping in darkness will release melatonin the hormone responsible for sleep. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and increases as evening approaches. It peaks by midnight and signals the body that it is time for rest. Light interferes with the body’s natural biological clock and inhibits the production of melatonin thus delaying sleep.

Moreover Melatonin also contributes to the production of brown fat that burns calories which means you burn fat while sleeping.

6. Drink 8 glasses of water

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Adequate water keeps your body hydrated and also contributes to a healthy metabolism to burn fat. In fact ice cold water burns more calories than normal water as your body uses more calories to heat it up to body temperature.

7. Munch on walnuts and almonds

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Walnuts and almonds increase melatonin for improved sleep and are also good for cardiovascular health. Almonds with milk and honey contain both magnesium and tryptophan which work as muscle relaxants. Moreover tryptophan produces melatonin which will help you sleep. If you are lactose intolerant, try soy milk instead.

8. Eat  peppers

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Eating peppers like cayenne pepper and chilli increases thermogenesis (fat burning) due to the ingredient called capsaicin. However it is advised to eat in moderation and to avoid spicy foods if you are prone to gastric disorders or ulcers.

You need to remember that the major focus should never be burning fat but avoid producing it. A major contributor to fat is high insulin levels at night. Avoid any sugar or dessert at night. Avoid carbs and consume a lean protein diet such as grilled chicken breasts along with a portion of green salad. In this way your growth hormone is released to burn fat while sleeping.

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7 Signs That a Woman Isn’t Eating Enough to Lose Weight

If you aren’t eating enough to lose weight, your body will definitely give you tell tale signs.Losing weight should never mean that you save money. As surprising as it sounds, you need to eat also to lose weight. Restricting calories will backfire and make you ill instead and cutting calories according to the experts may actually make you gain weight instead.

Food increases metabolism and when you don’t eat, the body uses the stored food for metabolism. When you restrict calories your body enters a starvation mode and breaks down your muscles instead which is extremely dangerous. This is when your metabolism slows and losing weight becomes difficult.

Calorie needs differ from individual to individual and between men and women. Most women need 1200 to 1500 calories a day as per the US institute of health. Going below that will cause problems and where your body finds difficulty in performing regular functions. Now take a look at the signs you’re not eating enough to lose weight

Thinking about food constantly

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src rd.com

When you can’t get through the day and work without thinking about food constantly, then you have a problem. You aren’t eating enough healthy snacks between meals can help increase your calories. Keep a jar of muesli on your table. Raisins and dates make naturally sweet sugar free but high calorie options. This helps you take your mind off food.  To reduce hunger and avoid overeating include a protein rich and fiber rich food in your diet such as Paneer (cottage cheese) or nuts and fruit.

Cutting out meals and all your snacks



Skipping breakfast and not eating until lunch isn’t weight loss, its disaster.  This will cause you to break your healthy diet and overeat as you’ll always feel deprived off food. Instead of your three meal habit, have three meals and two small snacks daily which includes healthy sources of calories fresh veggies lean meat and healthy fats and grains

Irregular cycles


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When your calorie intake is reduced it can cause an irregular cycle or even stop it permanently as the body doesn’t have enough fat to produce the hormones that tiger menstrual cycle.

Horrible headaches.


www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

Our brains need glucose to function. Glucose in the blood is derived from carbs that you consume. If you limit your carbs too much of your brain is starved of energy and that’s what will make you dizzy or lightheaded. This also causes unexplained headaches and a decrease in blood sugar. Adding more calories or carbs to your body and diet will stop your head from pounding.

Just the thought of exercise makes you want to nap


www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

When the thought of exercise makes you feel lazy, it means you are lacking energy which is demotivating and increases fatigue.

Always irritated


www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

If you’re keeping yourself hungry all the time right up to dinner then that surely will make you angry which is also what happens when you restrict your body of calories. Research says self control is also linked to irritability. Remember you’re reducing calories to lose weight and not to give yourself mood swings. So you’re most probably not eating enough to lose weight.

Meals don’t satisfy you

www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

Just having a tiny salad for dinner will always keep you unsatisfied and craving for more.  You can eat more and still not increase weight just fill your plate with lean meat, healthy grains, healthy fats you won’t be craving anything after that. Fish too is a good option in your diet. so now you know if you’re not eating enough to lose weight

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5 Exercises to Improve Circulation Instantly

Circulation is vital not only for good health but to keep you in a perfect condition for working out. Every minute your heart is pumping 5 quarts of blood throughout your body’s blood vessels.  Good circulation oxygenates your entire body and eliminates toxins but when circulation is poor, it can cause bloating, fatigue, lack of energy, fluid retention and numbness in fingers. Exercise is the easiest way to improve circulation where cardio and resistance training are the most preferred choice of workouts to do so. Here are 5 exercises to improve circulation

Squat-To-Row with Resistance Band

www.spiritselfhealth.com-exercises to improve circulation

This works out the hamstrings, glutes and lats. It is a combined cardio and resistance exercise where you need to attach a resistance band to an anchor such as a tree or heavy piece of furniture at your stomach level. At a foot away squat down with arms extended, core to upright position and bend elbows to pull band back in. perform 3sets of 15 reps


www.spiritselfhealth.com-exercises to improve circulation

The humble pushup is a double cardio and resistance exercise to improve circulation which increases heart rate and strengthens your chest, arms, shoulders and core. Perform the push up in plank position with feet at a hip width distance. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps

Ankle Pumps

www.spiritselfhealth.com-exercises to improve circulation

A great exercise for the calf muscle which is in close proximity to veins and arteries. It helps move blood and lymph through the veins and arteries of your lower leg and prevents blood clots and swelling. In a standing position raise heels to transfer your weight to the balls of your feet and squeeze your calf muscle for just a scene. DON’T SQUEEZE TOO LONG OR YOU MAY GET CRAMPS. Repeat 3 sets of 20 reps.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

www.spiritselfhealth.com-exercises to improve circulation

Diaphragmatic breathing stimulates deep lymphatic structure that improves the circulation of nutrients and waste materials between body tissues and bloodstream, Put one hand on your tummy in lying down position and one on your chest. Breathe in while attempting to raise your hand resting on your stomach without raising the hand on your chest.  Do this for 5 minutes


www.spiritselfhealth.com-exercises to improve circulation

Among the best exercises to improve circulation warming you up instantly. Rotating your trunk while flexing your elbows and arms works out the abdominal muscles and diaphragm. Practice punching as far as your arm can go from a standing position and return to your chest while punching with the other arm. Perform 3 reps of 20 punches exhale while punching

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This Japanese Technique Is the Easiest Way to Burn stomach Fat

How do those sitting at a desk job all day long stay healthy and burn fat if they gain weight. People like me who out of compulsion have to sit the entire day writing is there no hope for burn that extra ounce of fat? Well the long breath diet is all about to change that.

There is hope yet in the form of this unique weight loss program called the “long breath diet” that doesn’t entitle heavy workouts but just deep breathing. It was discovered by Former a Japanese actor and now a dietician and health guru Miki Ryosuke discovered the technique while trying out exercises for his back as advised by a therapist. His YouTube video shows in detail how the long breath diet works.


The long breath diet

The long breath diet requires an inhale-exhale technique that helped Ryosuke lose 28 pounds and 5 inches in 50 days. The technique involves breathing for 2 minutes every day and of course a healthy diet. The long breath diet consists of either of two techniques.

  • Stand with one leg forward and the other behind
  • Transfer 90% bodyweight to the back foot
  • Tighten buttocks
  • Inhale for 3 seconds while lifting arms above the head
  • Exhale with intensity for 7 seconds contracting all body muscles.
  • Rep 2-5 minutes daily

Technique 2

  • Stand in an upright posture
  • Tighten buttocks
  • Place one hand on your abdomen
  • Place the other hand on the lower back
  • Inhale 3 seconds while sucking in your midsection
  • Exhale 7 seconds while sucking  in your midsection with intensity
  • Repeat 2 -5 minutes everyday
www.spiritselfhealth.com-long breath diet
imgesrc-amazon ca

Why does this technique lose fat

European scientists say that fat consists of oxygen hydrogen and carbon. When you inhale oxygen, it causes the fat cells to break up into carbon and water. Inhaling more oxygen burns more fat. It is almost similar to the principles of yogic breathing.  The long breath diet is worth trying out because it should work. Even if you will lose 15, that in itself is an achievement. Watch Miki Ryosuke’s interesting video.


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How Antioxidants Increase Muscle Recovery and Boost General Health

Antioxidants increase muscle recovery and act as a crucial defense mechanism against the most harmful substances present in our bodies, i.e. free radicals. Antioxidants of different varieties exist in the form of essential vitamins and minerals. Now the question is what kind of role do these antioxidants play in muscle building and how do antioxidants increase muscle recovery

Everyday exercises and consistent workout routines exerts a lot of pressure on your muscles. Strenuous sports and difficult workouts might result in injury in the form of sprains, tearing of soft tissues which cause inflammation.When this happens free radicals present can prolong or slow down the healing process. If left unchecked and untreated, bone degeneration, arthritis and other diseases can set in.



Antioxidants counteract free radicals by obliterating their presence from body parts such as the tendons, muscles etc. and can even stop the process of degeneration. Even a healthy diet can ensure the intake of the essential antioxidants needed for facilitating the recovery and healing processes, and keep your body fully protected throughout your training sessions.


How can antioxidants benefit people in training and working outs?

Muscle Ischemia is a common disease affecting people who are into physical activity be it sports or simply working out. It lowers the muscle tissue’s blood supply, thereby decreasing the oxygen and glucose supply crucial for muscle recovery, tissues, regeneration and metabolic activities. Antioxidants increase muscle recovery and can easily reverse the effect of this disease and also control and restrict any inflammation caused by injuries during training.

Four major antioxidants for increased immunity and muscle recovery

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant renowned for its regenerative components for the skin cells. It also escalates collagen levels to improve skin resilience and firmness, hence speeding up the healing process. Vitamin C deficiency may deter this healing process as important fibers required for this process become insufficient.

Vitamin C has an anti-catabolic effect on muscle development. The catabolic process involves synthesizing main muscle tissues into either energy or waste. Anti-catabolism prevents this breakdown of the significant muscle fibers. Vitamin C is the antioxidant that lessens pain and inflaming injuries that are the result of over exercising.

Vitamin C is obtained from leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, chewable vitamins etc.



Chromium is required in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. However chromium gets depleted fast, by constant exercising. A Chromium deficiency can have disastrous outcomes such as resulting in early diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Chromium contains certain properties that induce insulin sensitivity to completely burn up body fat turning it into significant fuel or energy to assist you at the time of working out. Its properties also restrict the fat accumulation in your body, which ultimately leads to a significant reduction in unnecessary body fat. Chromium Picolinate contributes essential elements that are important for muscle growth.

Chromium is present in processed meat, egg-yolk, beans, whole grain products etc. However the amount of chromium obtained from these foods is not enough.



Magnesium promotes protein synthesis and enhances strength. Magnesium like chromium also tends to incite insulin sensitivity, similarly reducing the fat content within the body. Nonetheless, it is important to maintain proper magnesium levels so that your workout for reducing weight and gaining a fit and strong body with a good physique can be fruitful. Magnesium comes from fish, yogurt, dried fruits, nuts, dark chocolate etc.



The process of protein synthesis is extremely important in muscle building. A zinc deficiency will reduce the process having a disastrous effect on your body building routine. Zinc increases somatomedin and testosterone levels vital for maximum workout performance.

Antioxidants increase muscle recovery and  play a significant role by reducing the time of muscle recovery. They eliminate harmful substances, heal injuries, and decrease fatigue to help you put in 100% effort into your workouts and bring you the results you desire. Moreover for average people not into bodybuilding, antioxidants play a major role in keeping us healthy by increasing immunity and protecting our muscles from wear and tear.

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Antioxidants increase muscle recovery and act as a crucial defense mechanism against the most harmful substances present in our bodies, …