How to De-Stress Your Body and Mind in 2018

Guest post by Peter Minkoff

New Year’s Eve is almost around the corner, and if you’re one of those people who love to make their New Year’s resolutions and stick to them no matter what – welcome to the club! If improving your health and overall well-being is one of them, you should definitely keep on reading. Here are five important steps you should take to de-stress your body and mind in 2018, so check them out!

Hit the gym more often

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Even though spending an hour in the gym after an exhausting day at work sounds like the worst thing in the world, the truth is that it can do wonders for your well-being. Being physically active on a daily basis is beneficial on so many levels, first of all because it can help you concentrate on something else, rather than just on your work. Even though your workouts may be quite intense and demanding, they will help you relax, unwind, and feel much better about yourself. Besides that, hitting the gym inevitably brings awesome results when it comes to losing weight and building your muscles, so be sure you exercise as much as you can in 2018.

Start taking yoga classes De-Stress Your Body and Mind in 2018
aral tasher

On the other hand, if you simply don’t enjoy working out in the gym, you may want to opt for less demanding classes that can still help you de-stress. Yoga classes are definitely at the top of this list, simply because they have so much to offer in terms of detoxifying your body on a spiritual level. Benefits of yoga are multiple, and apart from lowering your stress levels and relieving anxiety, it can also improve your heart health, reduce inflammation, improve your posture, and even deal with chronic pain. Doing yoga basically guarantees the state of full relaxation, which is exactly what you need to let go of negative feelings and embrace the positive state of mind.

Book a relaxing massage

Getting a relaxing massage is probably one of the best ways to unwind after a long and stressful day. It’s actually many people’s absolute favorite simply because it can successfully deal with your anxiety, headaches, insomnia related to stress, soft tissue strains or injuries, and even digestive disorders. It’s also more than beneficial for pregnant women since it can lower their anxiety, improve sleep, decrease back and leg pain, and result in an overall improvement of their mood. Be sure you book a pregnancy massage if you’re facing some of these issues on a day-to-day basis, and you’ll see that it’s completely worth it.

Establish your ‘me’ time De-Stress Your Body and Mind in 2018

People live really hectic lives these days, which leave them no time to wonder if they are truly happy and satisfied with what they’ve got. Establishing your ‘me’ time can help you to make that happen, so don’t be afraid to set some boundaries and do whatever feels right for you. Finding a new hobby can be extremely beneficial for your well-being, no matter if you opt for knitting, reading books, working out, hiking, or watching movies. There are a lot of different options you can explore, and it really doesn’t matter which one you’ll pick as long as you’re satisfied with it.

Know your worth and learn to say ‘no’

Recognizing your values and self-worth is among the best stress-relieving practices, so make sure you get it done every time you feel down and disappointed. Writing a journal is an amazing way to keep track of your feelings, achievements, and thoughts, so start doing it in 2018. Apart from reducing stress, writing will also help you to deal with anything that bothers you, as it’ll become more real and easier to deal with once you write it down. Knowing your worth also incorporates learning to say ‘no’, because it’s an important aspect of maintaining a good mental health. We understand your need to help everyone, but trust us – that won’t bring you any good in the long run. It’ll just lead to a faster burnout, so focus on yourself and achieve a peaceful state of mind in the following year.


As you can see, there are so many things you can do to de-stress both your body and your mind in 2018. Apart from hitting the gym and taking yoga classes, you should also opt for a relaxing massage, establish your ‘me’ time, know your worth, and learn to say ‘no’ in particular situations. Once you’ve taken all these steps, you’ll see a magnificent improvement!

Peter is a health and lifestyle writer at Different Reasons magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips. you a better person

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How to Bring Happiness to Your Life If You’re Coping with Depression

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

Depression is a serious mental health problem and it should be taken seriously. If you suspect you might be suffering from it, you should consult your doctor and get a referral to a mental health professional. When you get evaluated and you know what you are dealing with, you can start with the healing process. Getting therapy is crucial when it comes to depression. However, there are many other strategies you can adopt in your life that will be beneficial to your mental health and will facilitate the process of healing. Coping with depression is a condition that can be treated and fighting it on different fronts will give better results.

Reach out to your friends and family

Depression is an isolating mental health problem. You can feel alone and disconnected from others. It is also common for people who suffer from depression to feel ashamed of their problems as if it was their fault that they are going through it. There is still a stigma associated with mental health problems but don’t let it get in the way of your healing. You should always be aware that it is not your fault you are struggling with depression and that reaching out to your close ones will help you, even if you don’t feel like it. Sharing your burden with others will make you feel better as their support will give you the strength to keep fighting.

Find a way of giving back with depression

When dealing with a mental health problem it is easy to lose perspective. But finding a way to give back to our society and the people around us can make us feel more connected to the world and change our view on things. Helping others is beneficial to the helper in many ways. You can start by small acts of kindness – hold the door for someone, smile at a stranger or give a compliment to someone you know. When you find a cause you feel passionate about, you can also start volunteering. Helping your community will give you a sense of purpose and belonging.

Start exercising

Scientific findings show that exercising helps in dealing with mental health problems. When you are depressed, or coping with depression, even getting out of your bed can be overwhelming but the best thing you can do for yourself in such situations is to get yourself moving. Exercising can improve your mood and make you happier, and it’s not like you have to run a marathon to reap these benefits. Start by taking a walk and slowly increase the time you spend doing physical exercise and the intensity of it. Your goal should be to do an intense thirty minutes exercising routine every day. It can be running, brisk walking, or going to the gym. As long as you do it regularly and find it enjoyable, it will help you deal with depression and prevent relapses when you do get better.

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Get in touch with your spiritual side with depression

In this hectic world, getting in touch with our spiritual side is hard enough even when we are not depressed. However, it is crucial if we want to become more calm and relaxed and learn how to feel comfortable in our own skin. The best way you can get in touch with your spiritual side is to start practicing yoga and meditation. It will also help you change your perspective and focus more on positive things in your life and re-evaluate the negative ones. Wearing copper jewelry also has a soothing effect that can help you balance your stress levels. Throughout history, different civilizations have used copper jewelry to attract positive energy and help with healing. On a personal level, jewelry can be a symbol of our spirituality and healing and it can be a source of strength to cope with different problems.

Remember to take it one step at a time

When it comes to coping with depression, the hardest thing to do is take action. Depression is a mental state that makes you feel hopeless and inert and taking any kind of action is difficult and draining, but in order to recover from it, that is exactly what you have to do. So, take it one step at a time. Always remember that you are not alone and that you are doing everything you can to heal. The right therapy and the support system combined with all that you are doing to heal will help you overcome depression.

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Peter is a health and lifestyle writer at Different Reasons magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips. you a better person

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Removing negativity from your life is primarily up to you. You could be happier by simply choosing to avoid these ten things that poison your life

10 Things That Poison Your Life and How You Can Avoid Them

If you have a problem with people running all over you or treating you badly, in most cases it’s because you are allowing them to do so. This leads to several things that poison your life and make you an unhappy person. Fortunately, there is much you can do about it where the easiest remedy is to learn to say NO!! Alternately, you can avoid such situations and not allow others to affect you the way they do. Here is a list of ten such situations you may find yourself in which poison your life and how you can avoid them.

You Feel Ashamed of Your Appearance and Preferences that poison your life

Although dress codes, manners and etiquette does exist and needs to be followed, nobody has the right to undermine your dressing sense as you aren’t obligated to anyone. When you find negative remarks against your choice of dressing or your preferences, don’t make any excuses for yourself as you don’t owe anyone. . You have nothing to feel guilty of. Nosy parkers don’t have much going on in their lives which is why they have all the time in the world to gossip about others.

Your Seniors Force You to Choose between Family and Career that poison your life

This is a common scenario both at work and even at home. BUT!! Tell yourself this!! There is no law that forces you to choose between the two. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!   It is not mandatory for you to keep succumbing to the pressure from work or family to devote yourself and time to just one. This may ultimately lead to anxiety and depression. Firmly communicate your needs and constraints to both sides and practice an effective routine of time management to help you perform well at both ends. In this way, you maintain a stress free balance between work, family life or your own personal life and entertainment.

Your Life and Path are Already Decided that poison your life
src-bath echo

In Spite of the fact that your parents may know life better than you being experienced in years; it does not give them the right to dictate their choice of career for you. It may seem a good one no doubt but this is your life; it is your abilities and dreams in question. As you will have to bear the ultimate consequences of any decision, the choice then should be left up to you.  This could be one of the things that poison your life on a permanent basis should you allow others to dictate to you.

If you want to be a designer and embark on a career in fashion, the possibilities are that you may not be a famous Armani or Versace but at least you’ll be a HAPPY ONE.  That’s better than being a depressed lawyer.

You Relationship is Making You Unhappy that poison your life

Are you dating a person or an onion!!! Because you always seem to be CRYING!! DOES THIS SENTENCE APPLY TO YOU? NO one is asking you to divorce your spouse or break up with your partner BUT!! If life is easier without such people, then you need to reflect on whether it’s worth being together. A toxic spouse or partner isn’t really worth.

Coercion of any Kind, Physical or Mental that poison your life

Just because you are someone’s spouse doesn’t make them own your body. Conjugal rights should never be misinterpreted as the RIGHT TO DO WHAT YOU WISH. Conjugal rights cannot be imposed upon without taking in consideration a spouse’s desires, feelings and well being.  Coercion is marital relationship can truly be one the damaging things that poison your life. A considerate spouse or partner will sympathize and accept your refusal.  On the other hand, if you are accused of being selfish, then your relationship needs some serious thought.

Lies and Deception that poison your life
src-elaima. lt

Although we can deal with deception to some extent at the workplace e, it is in families and relationships that it becomes tough. This causes the undue stress of having to put up with lies and deception. Never overlook continuous lies and deception from relatives, friends, partner or a spouse. If you chose to maintain a relationship without trust, then you should tell the person that you are aware of everything without judgment. This may not change a person and neither is changing him or her your concern as you can only support someone to a certain extent. But, if someone truly loves and respects you, there won’t be lies and deception in the first place. That again requires a rethink on the relationship.

NO Respect at Work that poison your life

There are many people who silently tolerate malicious remarks and disrespect from a boss, seniors or even colleagues. WHY SHOULD YOU?? Ask yourself!! Do you really need the job that badly to tolerate such negativity???? IS it worth the daily humiliation???  You must stand up for yourself and your rights. Never be afraid to respond. No one is asking you to wage a war but you can politely admonish people or gracefully but firmly respond to bullying.

Physical and Emotional Abuse. that poison your life

There is NO advice that advocates compromise or managing physical and emotional abuse. No act of humiliation or abuse of any kind can ever be justified and neither should you ever tolerate any directed towards you.  Such a situation always occurs at home and in relationships of various kinds. Your safety comes first and you should never ever remain in a relationship that threatens the sanctity of your physical and mental health.This is undoubtedly one of the worst things that poison your life with the possibility of scarring you emotionally.

 Remember this!!!  In most cases of compromise, it is a one Way Street of love that influences the compromise and that street is YOURS entirely. YOUR abuser has no feelings for anyone except himself, he is not in love with you but desires to control you and make you submit to his own whims and fancies through torture of every kind. THUS!! You should always say NO!!You possess the right to say no to the abuser and even report them to the authorities concerned.

Being Reproached for Imperfections that poison your life

IS THERE ANYTHING such as Perfection??? It is a myth. The ideal man, the dream child, the dream girl, these are just desires of the mind and will always be figures of speech. Just because you do not conform to the expectations of someone does not give them the right to admonish or reproach you. NEVER abide by another’s standards of perfection and never allow anyone to try and change you appearances such as your hair or your figure.

The changes you make aren’t in any way a guarantee of receiving more love from that person because there will always be something else they may find imperfect. But!! When you do receive advice from those who are genuinely concerned about you, then by all means take it.

Domination and Control that poison your life

These too are among the worst things that poison your life because they literally strangulate your right to live in a free atmosphere. Regardless of it being parents, friends, colleagues, a boss or a spouse, if someone wants to control every aspect of you, it means they are dominating and selfish people. It is not a sign of caring or love. We all need our own personal space. N O relationship is possible without mutual understanding and trust. If you allow such a situation to get out of control, you would soon be feeding the mood of a tyrant to become worse forcing you into a mental prison.

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10 Life Changes That Will Make You a Better Person

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff you a better person

We all think about our lives and our roles in them, we evaluate our actions and try to decide what kind of people we are. Are we good or bad? Are we making a positive impact on the world? The truth is that we are all capable of doing good things as well as doing bad things. What matters is that we try to be better. That we don’t give up. If you’re human you’ve made mistakes, but if you want to improve yourself and you strive to be better, there are some things you can change in your life that will help you reach that goal. Here are 10 life changes that will make you a better person

Learn as much as you can

There is much to learn in life and we should never stop learning. Learning new things makes us wiser and more conscious of our world. We broaden our horizons with every new thing we learn. It changes our perspective and makes us kinder to the people around us.

Travel as far as you can

Another great way of broadening our horizons is to travel. Traveling is a perfect way to get to know new cultures and new people. Through those experiences, we are also getting to know ourselves. We are able to see our strengths and weaknesses and improve upon them.

Say “yes” you a better person

Too often we choose to stay safely in our comfort zone and we say “no” and miss out on a chance to experience something new and exciting. We shouldn’t let our habits keep us from discovering something we might end up enjoying. So, say “yes” next time a friend invites you to do something you might otherwise never have tried. Who knows, you might have a blast.

But also know when to say “no”

We don’t want to disappoint a loved one. We don’t want to admit we can’t do something. So we end up saying “yes” when we really shouldn’t have. We promise something we can’t do and we end up disappointing someone anyway. Only this way, we also disappoint ourselves. It’s okay to say “no” and we should be confident to stand our ground when we need to.

Put yourself first

Looking after our needs and wants can seem selfish at times. But when we put pressure on ourselves to be there for others we can end up forgetting our own needs. We start feeling stressed and resentful and we take it out on others as much as we do on ourselves. So sometimes, putting ourselves first can be the best thing we can do for others.

Accept others the way they are you a better person

We are all just human. We all make mistakes and we’re not perfect. Accept that and you will instantly improve your relationships with others. You will be able to better understand people and they will notice. It will affect your life in incredible ways and make you a better person.

Work on your romantic relationships

Love is a big part of life. While finding that special someone isn’t easy, we shouldn’t give up on it. One of the most common dating mistakes people make is settling for less. Don’t be one of the people making it. Re-evaluate your relationships, figure out what you want, and go for it!

Smile more often

Smiling is good for everyone, it’s good for you and it’s good for the people around you. Smiling will make you feel better and you will leave a better impression on others. People will even find you more attractive. A bonus benefit of smiling is that you are making the people you smile at happier as well.

Disconnect you a better person

Next time you have drinks or dinner with someone, leave your phone out of sight. Phones can distract us from what really matters, our loved ones. Once you focus on the people you are with you will be able to have more meaningful connections and just because you focused on the present moment.

Have a good night’s sleep

One way to make sure we are ready to cope with whatever life throws our way is to make sure we face it well rested. A good night sleep will improve our mood and our behavior. When we are in a good mood we are also kinder to others and all-around better. Sleep rejuvenates you in mind and spirit to make you a better person.

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Peter is a health and lifestyle writer at Different Reasons magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips. you a better person

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The World’s Most Relaxing Music According to Science : Including 6 beautiful Pieces to Soothe Your Mind

Listening to music for relaxation is soothing and calms the mind. There’s nothing like listening to your favorite relaxing music when retiring to bed. In fact science has also proved that music increases brain function and reduces depression.

A study from the 1990’s proved that the “mood” of the music we listened to influenced our perceptions of others. A study in 2002 proved how school children improved their arithmetic performance by listening to calming music. Studies in 1998 observed that listening to noisy grunge music increased hostility, sadness and tension. Music since centuries has been used to induce relaxation where subtle use of chords, tempo and rhythm created a harmonious sound pleasing to the brain. Such music has the power to heal us emotionally in mind body and soul. music

Weightless by Marconi Union, the world’s most relaxing song in the world

New age or designer music was created to improve mental clarity, induce a sense of calm and evoke emotions of caring. A scientific study in the UK consisting of a selected team of sound therapists in collaboration with Manchester band Marconi Union produced a piece of relaxing music which they titled “weightless”. It was regarded as the most soothing and calming song according to science.

Weightless – Marconi Union

The song was first created in 2011 by Lyz cooper who founded the British Academy of Sound Therapy along with band Marconi Union. It was observed to have a calming effect on volunteers who experienced a sense of euphoria while listening to the song.  The rhythm of the song is sustained at 60 beats per minute at the starting and then reduces to 50. When that happened, listeners’ heart rates reduced to match the beat of the song. Scientists also observed that with the reduction in heart rate, blood pressure also reduced. Weightless has been composed using all of the musical principles to induce calm and reduce anxiety.

Listen on youTube

Now that you have heard Marconi Union, I’m sure the following six tunes are equally good as relaxing music is concerned. The following pieces of music are the perfect to listen to before sleeping.

Airstream – Electra

Airstreams perfect chilling music. Some viewers suggest playing the music at 0.5 speed (Settings > Speed > 0.5) for added meditative qualities, though it sounds just as good at 2x speed.

Listen on You Tube


El Condor Pasa – Leo Rojas

Native American Music has an ethereal sound that reflects the harmonious union of man and earth spirit, symbolic of Native American culture. El Condor Pasa as performed by Leo Rojas is one of the best pieces of relaxing music I have listened to.

Listen on YouTube


Nachtmusik – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Listen on YouTube


Carlos Nakai – Four Sacred Mountains (song for the morning star)

Listen on YouTube


Call of the Valley-Hariprasad Chaurasia and Shiv Kumar Sharma

Listen on YouTube


The River –Ananda Shankar

Here’s something truly esoteric in nature. Composed by the late Ananda Shankar it is his signature piece of fusion music almost like trance.

Listen on YouTube

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The Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh: 20 Profound things learnt from the Little Bear

Winnie the Pooh influenced many a generation during childhood. From the time the little pooh with his signature red tunic entered in children’s heart in 1926, till today, kids remain enthralled with this beautiful and magical story. But, return back to your childhood and once again leaf through Winnie the Pooh and you’ll be surprised that what you read as a child can have profound and poignant meaning in your life today.

In case you never noticed Winnie the Pooh is full of rhetoric and wisdom. Here are 20 beautiful pearls of wisdom or you could say the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh given to us over the years. of winnie the pooh

’’The things that make me different are the things that make me.’’

 Piglet: ’’How do you spell ’love’?’’ Pooh: ’’You don’t spell it…you feel it.’’

’’As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.’’

’’You are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem. And smarter than you think.’’ of winnie the pooh

’’If the person you are talking to does not appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in this ear.’’

’’Love is taking a few steps backward, maybe even more… to give way to the happiness of the person you love.’’

’’If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.’’

’’Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart.’’ of Winnie the pooh

The incredible wisdom of Winnie the Pooh is steeped in commitment and unfailing friendship

’’Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.’’

’’Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.’’

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live Without you.’’

’Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.’’

’’You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.’’ of Winnie the pooh

The lovable Winnie the Pooh was the brainchild of author A.A.Milne after observing his son Christopher Robin and his toys.

The antics and escapades of the little bear across the hundred acre wood can never be forgotten by any child taught to read Winnie the Pooh as it is a beautiful story with the endearing virtues of love and friendship woven into the fabric of a child’s  tale. The wisdom of Winnie the Pooh is well known and understood after a person grows up.

’’Promise me you’ll never forget me because if I thought you would, I’d never leave.’’

’’A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.’’ of Winnie the pooh

’’A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.’’

’’I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.’’ of Winnie the pooh

’’A day spent with you is my favourite day. So today is my new favourite day.’’

’’No one can be sad when they have a balloon!’’

’’How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.’’

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How Color Psychology Balances Room Colors And Moods. Choosing Harmonious Room Colors

Did you know that there is a connection between room colors and moods? How do room colors reflect or affect your personality? Room colors can actually influence our thoughts and moods which is a valid claim based on color psychology. Colors affect different people in different ways. While some colors provoke a common reaction, there are some influenced only by factors of age, gender, ethnicity and climate? This is why it becomes extremely important to choose the correct room color for your home and moods

While Color trends may come and go, the main factor of beautifying a home is to ensure the room colors reflect a person preferences and personality. A clash between the two can actually make you stressed; tense and most probably give you a headache. You need to blend and balance colors for a harmonious and aesthetic combination. From a visual and optical perspective, colors can actually make objects appear small or large. They can change shapes of furnishing and even the size of the room. Take a look at how colors and mood affect each other and what color psychology really means.


Red is an intense color. It increases the energy levels of a room and is a suitable choice if you want a bit of excitement especially at night. Red in living and dining rooms stimulates people into conversation and creates a strong first impression. and moods
src-interior jilishta

Red is not suitable for bedrooms as it increases blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. But!! If you are habituated in keeping your lights off even when you enter your bedroom, red will appear muted with a rich elegant tone.


Yellow is the color of sunshine and joy. It reflects an aura of happiness and is great for kitchens, dining rooms; bathrooms where it needs to energize and uplift the atmosphere of the room. Yellow featured in hallways, entry points and small spaces will appear expansive and have a welcoming effect. and mood

However, besides being a happy color, yellow isn’t suitable as your main color theme. According to studies, people anger easily in a yellow interior. Babies too will cry more often in a yellow painted room which is why never paint your nursery walls yellow. Yellow in larger amounts will induce feelings of frustration and anger. According to chromotherapy, yellow stimulates nerves and purifies the body.


Blue is a universal relaxing color and is known to decrease  respiration and heart rate thereby producing a calm mental state. Blue is an ideal color for bedrooms and bathrooms as these are the areas of relaxation. and moods

If you choose light blue as your primary color in a room, you should balance it with warm shades on your furnishing and fabrics. For living rooms and large kitchens, periwinkle tones or bright blues are ideal like cerulean and turquoise. But!! Avoid dark blue colors as this will have totally opposite effect inducing a feeling of sadness. Dark blue should never be part of a main theme.


According to studies,  green is also the color of happiness. It is also considered pleasing and calming to the eye and is the most suitable color for any room in a house. Green cools in a kitchen. In a living or family room, it relaxes but it is also warm enough to promote well-being, happiness, unity and comfort. colors and moods

Green can relieve stress by inducing relaxation; it also helps in fertility and hence is a great color for the bedroom.


When speaking about relationships in room colors and moods, pink is also gentle and soothing. It is the color of love and promotes tenderness and comfort in times of emotional upheaval. Pink is great for a room when you are trying to mend relationships and increase response and understanding. Pink is great for a bedroom or family room. colors and moods


Dark shades of purple like eggplant can appear sophisticated, regal and dramatic as it is a color associated with luxury and creativity. Purple as a secondary accent will provide depth. Lighter shades of purple like Lavender and lilac will induce a restful and relaxing quality to a bedroom like blue. But without the risk of a chilly feeling. and moods


When speaking of room colors and moods, orange isn’t really preferred as a room color unless it is used as an accent. Orange is a color that evokes enthusiasm, excitement and energy. colors and moods

It isn’t a good color for bedrooms and living rooms but it is simply great for a gym. Orange will release energetic emotions required for intense physical activity ideal for your fitness regime.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors like black, gray, white and brown are basic colors for every decorator.   Although not always part of current fashion trends, these are flexible enough to achieve a balance between room colors and moods to liven up the look of any room or reduce it to calm the atmosphere. and moods

Black should be used as an accent and in small doses only. A touch of black gives a room depth but always consult a color wheel to get the right shade.


Crimson is the color of rage, hostility and irritability. It should be avoided as a room color. Sitting too long in a crimson colored room can actually disrupt the harmony of your home.

Color’s Effect on Ceilings

While white is a universally accepted ceiling color, a darker shade will make a ceiling appear lower which evokes feelings of intimacy. Light walls make a ceiling appear higher and if a lighter color makes you feel good then that’s what matters most. Room colors and moods have been justified according to the psychology of colors and it would benefit a home to abide by the guidelines mentioned here. colors and moods

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The Importance of Relationships Impacts Character, Social values and Well-Being


In a fast paced world of business and social commitments the importance of relationships and values takes a backseat. You work day and night. You fulfill your family responsibilities in the capacity of a husband or a wife. You have a best friend on call, yet you seem empty inside. People criticize you. Your lover or your girlfriend nags you constantly for quality time. Your wife is sometimes distraught. Does it ever make you wonder why? Do you realize the true importance of relationships and the moral factors required to sustain one?

The importance of relationships in influencing well being and health of relationships

As it has always been quoted “No Man is an Island”. Thus a relationship is integral to a healthy life. When the emotional benefits of a relationship impact your senses in a positive way, the result is a physiological sense of well being and satisfaction.  In elaborating scientific and psychological evidence promoting the advantages of a relationship, we need someone to vent our problems to, a sympathetic ear. Studies have shown how the qualities of our daily interactions impact our physiological and psychological health. Talking about problems faced in life with your girlfriend or a friend for that matter can help provide a solution. A shoulder to cry on is perhaps the biggest comfort which proves  the importance of relationships where a friend a wife or a lover can comfort a partner in times of sadness or distress.

Isolation breeds contempt, emptiness, and mistrust in others

There are times when you may feel being alone helps you with introspection where you find deriving comfort in your own presence makes keeps you content. But this too is a result of at least one point in your life where you may have had reason to mistrust fellow human beings, you may have been hurt by your partner or you may have been cheated at work. Such incidents may sometimes cause us to look at human failing and regard it as permanent. But just as human frailties are ripe with emotions of resentment, anger and hurt, it is human kindness and benevolence that can even lessen the pain and heal wounds over time. of relationships
src siteBU

Remaining isolated and cutting yourself off from the world can lead to depression, it can make you a cynical person bereft of human emotions that are essential for substance of character. If one remembers the character Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, he was an apt example of such a situation yet in the end it was human companionship that he pined for and nothing else.

Relationships don’t need you to fall in love

The importance of relationships does not only extend to those of a romantic nature.  A man or woman can be soulmates without sharing a relationship of a romantic nature. A married man or woman can have a member of the opposite gender as a friend.  Every person has a role to play and thus a wife or a husband may not always be qualified to play the role of a friend. This is why relationships are categorized by healthy meaningful roles each enriching our loves with positive emotions. of relationships

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is very true. In this fast paced world of work stress there is little room for recreation. Even finding that particular time for recreation becomes a deadline and a commitment. But when you have a friend with whom you can spend a quiet moment in a cafe or in a park, it can do you a world of good.

Romantic relationships are important commitments

The relationship you share with a spouse or a lover may provide your life with fruitful memories that remain cemented within your heart throughout time immemorial. When we speak about romance it should be understand by default we mean those based upon values of trust and togetherness where the reunion of a man and woman ultimately lead to marriage. of relationships

Relationships can be frivolous too but besides the factor of entertainment and leisure those don’t really impact a person on an emotional level. However meaningful relationships on the other hand are rewarding experiences through the richness and quality of emotions that are installed within both husband and wife. Not always is a marital relationship be a bed of roses. There are ups and downs too where sometimes the relationship can be strained. These are not real issues to be concerned about as long as there is a mutual trust, understanding and good communication between the two.

How to maintain a relationship

A relationship of love is based upon the foundations of trust and loyalty where though there may be trying times; these are not factors that can break such a bond. A husband should learn to respect his wife and regard her as an equal partner of provision in a marriage. If he is an earning member she too plays her part in supporting him on the home front. A wife should learn to understand her husband and give him the space he needs especially when home from work.

Both partners if learning to love unconditionally set an unlimited precedent for the other to bear up all human failings as a true reflection of marriage vows “for better or for worse’’. Such a scenario also implies to relationships of all kinds where a friend will accept you for who you are. A wife will accept you as a man you can be not who you profess to be or try to be for her being you is enough. For a husband a wife as a constant companion is a pillar of strength for him. A friend can be an anchor or a rock always there but never demanding your presence. of relationships

Such is the importance of relationships that require us to exist and be there for each other. A hand over a shoulder when you weep and a smile of joy in times of your rejoicing. Relationships are not defined by quantitative values but by a sense humanity and equality.



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Inspiring Words of Wisdom that Help You Look at Life From a Different Perspective

While Zen quotes provide us with wisdom, there are many quotes which can help provoke a wiser way of thought. It isn’t easy following what wise men have to say because they don’t exactly live your life and only you know how you feel but now and then we come across words that coax us to look at life from a different perspective. Here are some of them to make you feel a bit more content.

Words of Wisdom-Take a different path of wisdom

How often do we go through life living every moment in anxiety? We feel that we have been dealt a raw deal; we feel that we don’t deserve what life throws at us. Don’t keep dwelling on your failures because they aren’t failures in the broad spectrum of life. of wisdom

The past the present and the future of wisdom

When you try to achieve and you don’t, perhaps life is telling you to take a different path. Just know that whatever you do, you do it for just one moment only because you may not get that chance again but it doesn’t mean that your entire life is based on that one particular moment. of wisdom

That moment which may create a memory of happiness or a ghoul of depression or sadness is just one moment. So live it and let it go because there will be many such moments of perhaps equal or deeper emotional intensity. Grieve for a loved one, be happy for the memories but don’t cheat your present. Remember the past by all means but do not allow yourself to be controlled by the emotions of the past. Hope for your future but don’t waste your life waiting to live the future, it never comes.

Words of Wisdom-The world around us

if every individual were to be aware of the existing beauty around them, be it at home or work or anywhere, if each one of us were to take just a few moments of our time to watch and wonder with perhaps the same awareness of a child observing something for the first time, then just how much more appreciative would we be of life, would not the tension of harrowing moments or the depression  of sadness seem lighter, could we not then say that just as life is harsh, it is also beautiful and comforting. of wisdom

Unfortunately, many of us are yet to achieve this positive aspect of one’s personality that is present within each one of us, yet lying dormant. The tendency to live everyday life in the manner of dull everydayness, similar to a robot , that is our human failing, the child within us should never be allowed to die with childhood. You don’t really need words of wisdom to open your eyes,  You just need to feel alive.

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10 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy and How to Get Rid Of Them

As proposed by the most revered Dalai Lama, here are 10 bad habits that drain your energy and what you need to do about them. The solution to each of these problems is to act now.

In a fast-paced world of stressful work and lifestyle, many of us feel mentally and physically exhausted.  We feel burdened by fatigue, stress and anxiety and yet we fail to understand or recognize the habits that drain us of mental energy and how to avoid them. It is the simple tasks of life that we tend to put off are the main reasons for anxiety night and day. They could be involving a deadline or a payment and that is what nags us but because we tend to be lazy about it, it is ultimately we who are the cause of our own problems.

1. Keep your promises that drain your energy

Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. In an effort to be nice you destroy your own name. If you make a promise, stick with it.

There is a lot of truth in this sentence. You can’t please everyone and never try to please someone with a promise that you know may be hard for you to keep because when you can’t deliver, you won’t be regarded as a nice person anymore.

 2. Stay Away from Toxic People

Many times, through wanting to help people, we end up receiving complaints and negative energy from others. Surround yourself with positive people, and avoid the toxic ones.

How true. There are some people who can never see the good in you and are full of criticism and demonization. Such negative elements only induce negative energy and zap you of positivity. Surround yourself with healthy minded positive people

3. Pay your bills on time that drain your energy

“Don’t owe anyone anything” should be your life motto. Always pay back your debts on time. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

One of the worst habits is procrastination and that includes delaying your bills. This can reach a dangerous point where you may be burdened with interest, fines and penalties. Bills have to be paid; avoiding bill payments makes them increase along with your own mental tension. If you owe someone money, don’t make them grovel and run for it, you only tarnish your own self respect.

 4. Learn to Forgive that drain your energy

If we choose to live with unforgiveness, we choose to suffer. Instead of poisoning yourself with hatred, choose to forgive and move on, whether or not someone deserves your forgiveness. Do it to give yourself peace. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest.

Holding a grudge is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Hatred is a negative element and when we hold a grudge we retain the negativity within us. No one wants you to go and treat the person who has wronged you like the most important person in your life.  It’s hard to let go but you do yourself a favor when you do. Why should you allow the negative experience of someone’s wrong doing to affect you in an adverse way, there is no sense in it. So learn to forgive and let go and you’ll feel the difference.

 5. Focus on doing what you like that drain your energy

Sometimes we need to do things we don’t enjoy but, when possible, delegate the tasks you don’t like doing and focus on what you are passionate about.

Responsibility is hard but a work that is your responsibility needs to be done. If there are tasks which you feel aren’t for you, delegate them to others and focus more on what you are passionate about because that’s when you increase your own productivity and work won’t cause any tension.

6. A time for every purpose that drain your energy

There’s time to rest and time to act. Both are equally important and necessary in your life. Do not forget it.

How often have we heard these wise words that there is a time for everything? When at work, take a few minutes off to eat, when at home leave your work worries behind and focus on some family time. You experience every loved one once in a lifetime and you are a witness to their lives as much as they are to yours. Take time out for yourself too as you need your own moments of reflection, your own space. Just as you make time for everything else, so it should be for work and action.

7. Don’t clutter…renew! that drain your energy

If you want to let your life flow, don’t get stuck. Start by rearranging your bedroom or renovating your closet. Your home is a reflection of your energy, and clutter blocks its natural flow. So if you want to clear your mind, start by clearing out the clutter in your space.

A cluttered and untidy bedroom or home doesn’t just look bad, it could well be causing your brain to be cluttered too as one of the bad habits that drain your energy. Research at UCLA observed that stress hormones spike in those having to always deal with clutter around the home. This was assessed form mothers’ stress hormones from 23-middle-classed Los Angeles families. Rather than clutter your home, keep some rejuvenating indoor plants that create positive energy at home

 8. Face adversity that drain your energy

Do not hide from confrontations. If something bothers you, express it and cut it out of your life. Do not wait for the solution to fall from the sky. It’s often right here — you just have to look around.

Face your demon and get it over with. Don’t hide behind excuses and timeframes postponing the dealing of a nagging problem for later. Its nagging you either way,  so shouldn’t you get it over with without fearing the outcome.

 9. Keep an eye on your health that drain your energy

Even the most brilliant mind can’t do without good health. Those who take care of both their physical and mental health needs are much happier. Spend enough time taking care of your body.

Easier said than done for many, but this is perhaps the most important aspect of not giving in to bad habits that drain your energy. Have you ever realized that you aren’t alone in this world and there are many who love to see you and be with you every day like your family? You owe it to them to remain in good health, Being in good health will obviously contribute to a stronger mind adept at dealing with life’s challenges making you a focused and happier person.

 10. Let your life flow that drain your energy

You are a part of everything, and everything is part of you. Stop fighting with life, accept it, and let yourself be carried away by the flow. Just remember that you are the one who navigates the boat.

Yes, you are the master of your own life. If you are in any situation such as work which you feel is draining you mentally, turn your rudder and move away. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that while working or going through life knowing that you can choose to walk away from any confrontation, challenge or problems stressing you out, you learn to deal with them much better because the feeling of stagnation or that you are trapped isn’t there anymore. One of the biggest habits that drain your energy is making yourself feel inadequate and helpless in any situation. Just go with the flow and make problems a part of life that has to be dealt and got over with.Here are some exceptional quotes for a better perspective on life.

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As proposed by the most revered Dalai Lama, here are 10 bad habits that drain your energy and what you …