5 Everyday Habits that Could Be Making You Gain Weight

Weight gain happens even though you don’t eat junk, you work out and do your best to bring your weight down, but it seems that despite your best efforts those stubborn extra pounds aren’t willing to leave. While everything you do may be correct, there are certain things like your everyday morning habits that you do without realizing which can hinder your progress in getting a well-toned figure.

Here are those five habits that you should stop right away if they happen to be part of your morning routine especially if weight gain is a problem

 1. Sleeping a bit Extra

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When you do not get enough sleep your body produces a stress-response hormone cortisol which is responsible for increasing your appetite. Still, it doesn’t mean oversleeping is any better. Recent studies conducted by the PLOS One Journal indicate that sleeping for more than 10 hours every night can increase your body mass index. That is why the recommended number of hours of sleep one should get each day should be not less than hours and not more than 9 hours.


 2. Getting Ready in Darkness


After waking up, it is advisable for you to open the curtains or blinds almost immediately. Another study conducted by PLOS One, has discovered that the early morning sun emits a certain blue light which helps in boosting metabolism and waking you up completely. Around 20 or 30 minutes of this light is enough to impact your body mass index.


3. Not Making Your Bed           

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While this may not seem like an extremely bad habit, it nonetheless has some bad effect. The ‘US National Sleep Foundation’ states in one of its studies that people who made their beds every day after waking up tend to experience much better sleep at night. Getting a good night’s sleep is actually the best way to having a healthy body weight percentage.


4. Forgetting to Check Your Weight


Checking your weight on a regular basis is quite a healthy practice as it encourages you to focus on losing weight, and decrease weight gain as proved by the Researchers from Cornell University. It would be best to weigh yourself on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Also, don’t drink water before weighing yourself as you’ll get an accurate number due to the water weight being lost from your body overnight.


5. Having a Small Breakfast


To prevent weight gain, eating a big breakfast is what you should be doing every morning and this has been very much insisted upon by the researchers from the ‘Tel Aviv University’. As a matter of fact, a well-balanced out breakfast consisting of approximately 600 calories of lean protein and carbohydrates combined with any dessert will make following your diet plan relatively easier.



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