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7 Signs That a Woman Isn’t Eating Enough to Lose Weight

If you aren’t eating enough to lose weight, your body will definitely give you tell tale signs.Losing weight should never mean that you save money. As surprising as it sounds, you need to eat also to lose weight. Restricting calories will backfire and make you ill instead and cutting calories according to the experts may actually make you gain weight instead.

Food increases metabolism and when you don’t eat, the body uses the stored food for metabolism. When you restrict calories your body enters a starvation mode and breaks down your muscles instead which is extremely dangerous. This is when your metabolism slows and losing weight becomes difficult.

Calorie needs differ from individual to individual and between men and women. Most women need 1200 to 1500 calories a day as per the US institute of health. Going below that will cause problems and where your body finds difficulty in performing regular functions. Now take a look at the signs you’re not eating enough to lose weight

Thinking about food constantly

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When you can’t get through the day and work without thinking about food constantly, then you have a problem. You aren’t eating enough healthy snacks between meals can help increase your calories. Keep a jar of muesli on your table. Raisins and dates make naturally sweet sugar free but high calorie options. This helps you take your mind off food.  To reduce hunger and avoid overeating include a protein rich and fiber rich food in your diet such as Paneer (cottage cheese) or nuts and fruit.

Cutting out meals and all your snacks



Skipping breakfast and not eating until lunch isn’t weight loss, its disaster.  This will cause you to break your healthy diet and overeat as you’ll always feel deprived off food. Instead of your three meal habit, have three meals and two small snacks daily which includes healthy sources of calories fresh veggies lean meat and healthy fats and grains

Irregular cycles


www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

When your calorie intake is reduced it can cause an irregular cycle or even stop it permanently as the body doesn’t have enough fat to produce the hormones that tiger menstrual cycle.

Horrible headaches.


www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

Our brains need glucose to function. Glucose in the blood is derived from carbs that you consume. If you limit your carbs too much of your brain is starved of energy and that’s what will make you dizzy or lightheaded. This also causes unexplained headaches and a decrease in blood sugar. Adding more calories or carbs to your body and diet will stop your head from pounding.

Just the thought of exercise makes you want to nap


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When the thought of exercise makes you feel lazy, it means you are lacking energy which is demotivating and increases fatigue.

Always irritated


www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

If you’re keeping yourself hungry all the time right up to dinner then that surely will make you angry which is also what happens when you restrict your body of calories. Research says self control is also linked to irritability. Remember you’re reducing calories to lose weight and not to give yourself mood swings. So you’re most probably not eating enough to lose weight.

Meals don’t satisfy you

www.spiritselfhealth.com-eating enough to lose weight

Just having a tiny salad for dinner will always keep you unsatisfied and craving for more.  You can eat more and still not increase weight just fill your plate with lean meat, healthy grains, healthy fats you won’t be craving anything after that. Fish too is a good option in your diet. so now you know if you’re not eating enough to lose weight

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This Japanese Technique Is the Easiest Way to Burn stomach Fat

How do those sitting at a desk job all day long stay healthy and burn fat if they gain weight. People like me who out of compulsion have to sit the entire day writing is there no hope for burn that extra ounce of fat? Well the long breath diet is all about to change that.

There is hope yet in the form of this unique weight loss program called the “long breath diet” that doesn’t entitle heavy workouts but just deep breathing. It was discovered by Former a Japanese actor and now a dietician and health guru Miki Ryosuke discovered the technique while trying out exercises for his back as advised by a therapist. His YouTube video shows in detail how the long breath diet works.


The long breath diet

The long breath diet requires an inhale-exhale technique that helped Ryosuke lose 28 pounds and 5 inches in 50 days. The technique involves breathing for 2 minutes every day and of course a healthy diet. The long breath diet consists of either of two techniques.

  • Stand with one leg forward and the other behind
  • Transfer 90% bodyweight to the back foot
  • Tighten buttocks
  • Inhale for 3 seconds while lifting arms above the head
  • Exhale with intensity for 7 seconds contracting all body muscles.
  • Rep 2-5 minutes daily

Technique 2

  • Stand in an upright posture
  • Tighten buttocks
  • Place one hand on your abdomen
  • Place the other hand on the lower back
  • Inhale 3 seconds while sucking in your midsection
  • Exhale 7 seconds while sucking  in your midsection with intensity
  • Repeat 2 -5 minutes everyday
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Why does this technique lose fat

European scientists say that fat consists of oxygen hydrogen and carbon. When you inhale oxygen, it causes the fat cells to break up into carbon and water. Inhaling more oxygen burns more fat. It is almost similar to the principles of yogic breathing.  The long breath diet is worth trying out because it should work. Even if you will lose 15, that in itself is an achievement. Watch Miki Ryosuke’s interesting video.


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How do those sitting at a desk job all day long stay healthy and burn fat if they gain weight. …