5 Signs That You’re at Risk of a Burst Appendix

Common tummy problems, diarrhea, food poisoning and constipation have been experienced by most people at least once or twice in life. Appendicitis on the other hand is not at all a common condition where just 5 percent of the population may be affected by it. For those who fall into this unfortunate group, recognizing the signs that may lead to a burst appendix is vital to treatment of the problem. Although a burst appendix can be fatal, not always will appendicitis lead to the organ bursting but if you prolong treatment the greater you put yourself at risk. Here are 6 warning signs that your appendix may burst.

1. Your stomach hurts like never before

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Appendicitis causes intense pain from the belly button to the, lower right abdominal area. Your appendix is situated just three fingers below your belly button on the right. Although it may not mean that the appendix will burst immediately, you will need an imaging or a CT scan done to diagnose the condition. Medical experts state that some appendicitis patients may have different types of discomfort which hurts when performing activities like walking, coughing or talking. This also means that the entire abdominal wall may be inflamed and the organ has already ruptured or on the verge of rupturing. See a doctor immediately.

2. Nausea vomiting and lack of appetite


Although these are common signs of a stomach infection they could indicate appendicitis if accompanied by bad pain. Inflammation of the appendix may also affect the GI tract and nervous system leading to digestive problems, nausea, poor appetite and vomiting.

3. Increased urges to urinate


Some people have their appendix closer to the pelvis and close to the bladder. An inflamed appendix can inflame or irritate the bladder which creates the urge to pee frequently. You may also experience painful urination. Although this is a symptom of UTI (urinary tract infection), it could indicate appendicitis when coupled with the above symptoms.

3.You get the shivers and run a fever


Any fever with chills is a sure sign of inflammation. When your appendix is inflamed, the body’s immediate response is to release chemicals that ring alarms to signal immunity fighting cells to collect in the area. This causes pain and various bodily symptoms like shivering and fever. When you have stomach pain and your fever is getting worse, consult a doctor immediately as it could be a sign of a burst appendix.

5. Disorientation

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If you’re somehow confused and disoriented, it means your infection is getting worse and has started entering your bloodstream (sepsis). This can be fatal says Gingold. It isn’t your brain that is the problem. When an infection gets worse and spends a lot of oxygen, this results in reduced oxygen to the brain which then functions erratically. If you should feel like this or see someone behaving as such, call emergency without delay as it could be appendicitis, a burst appendix or even a state of stroke. In such cases, it is timely action that is extremely important.

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