7 Ways on How to Improve Mood through Exercise for Good Health and Happiness

How to improve mood is a good question. Negative emotions, stress and tension are common symptoms faced by almost everyone because of a stressful fast paced lifestyle. While therapy may work, constant medication isn’t a healthy prospect. Physical activity and exercise however can do much to rid your body of unwanted stress and tension where it has been scientifically proven that your mood can be elevated by exercises such as yoga and meditation. Here are 8 of the best exercises to boost your mood


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An intense kickboxing workout is the best way to take out all the pent up anger and frustration collected during the course of the working day. It is the most stimulating solution on how to improve mood and rid yourself of aggression. Stressful living can frustrate you and make you angry. Temper and aggression on a punching bag through kickboxing not only de-stresses you but is also great for health

High Intensity Interval Training

www.spiritselfhealth.com-how to improve mood

HIIT is the modern day workout proven by physiological science to provide the richest health benefits and weight loss in the shortest time possible. HIIT is ideal for working people with less time on their hands, Rather than spend hours at the gym. A short 30 minute HIIT session is enough to calm your mind. It helps you stay fit and makes you lose weight in the bargain. Consult with a trainer to formulate a good HIIT workout plan best for you.

Tai Chi

www.spiritselfhealth.com-how to improve mood

The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is rejuvenating and is one of the best disciplines to de stress the mind. It strengthens your mental faculties, increases focus and helps you achieve calm and inner peace. It also fights against exhaustion, mental fatigue and helps you sleep.

Barre Classes.

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Barre classes will teach you how to improve mod in a fun way. It is a unique way to stay fit and make friends too. Working out and sweating away alongside like minded people is not only calming it relives tension and depression too. Health studies prove that being in the company of friends works wonders for the mental and physical health of an individual

Cycling For Stress Relief

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A good cycle ride along with a partner in the countryside is one of the best stress relieving activities. Cycle sprints can also improve your fitness and physical health too. If you do not have the time, then hit the gym for a few minutes to enjoy the benefits of a cycling session. Cycling is one of the best exercises teaching you how improve mood and gain confidence.

High Energy Zumba Classes

www.spiritselfhealth.com-how to improve mood

Zumba is the new rage and it is full of energy and fun. Zumba classes enhances mood by releasing all your tension and pent up energy. It is also a calming activity full of fun because of the dance factor and is great as a socializing activity too. Zumba increases fitness, physical health and is a great way to lose weight because it can make you really work up a sweat.


www.spiritselfhealth.com-how to improve mood

Yoga has now been accepted the world over as one of the best exercises to boost your mood. It is great for stress and physical health. Yoga is a mental stress buster which rejuvenates and calms the mind. If you’re looking for a temperamental way on how to improve mood through then yoga is the best choice. It also increases flexibility focus and concentration. As a healthy activity that requires minimum space, yoga benefits a number of disease and improves sleep, low back pain and digestion

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