The Japanese Goldfish Exercise That Cures Low Back Pain and Improves Your Spine

The Japanese have several tricks up their sleeves when it concerns health. Rather than rely on painkillers and medication, one particular Japanese technique called the goldfish exercise was a rage among health circles a few years ago which is why this would be a valuable piece of information for the readers of this website.

Spinal problems and low back pain is simply killing. Low back pain affects millions of people worldwide because of several factors. Incorrect posture, sedentary lifestyles, a desk job and even the wrong mattress all contribute to spinal problems in various ways.

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Spinal problems cause severe inflammation and spinal regeneration

Low back pain is the most common symptom of spinal degeneration which causes inflammation of spinal discs. Medication and therapy may alleviate the symptoms but not for long. While acupressure is a great way to manage low back pain, it is this goldfish exercise also called the Kingyo Undo which is an amazing technique that is simple to perform.

 All you need to do is take out just three minutes of your time and move like a goldfish while lying on the floor. The exercise also improves blood circulation that oxygenates organs which you won’t achieve while running or walking.

The Man behind the goldfish exercise

The man behind the gold fish exercise is a famous Japanese Aikido master called KATSUZO NISHI. Nishi founded the Kingyo Undo which was part of the 6 laws of the Japanese NISHI health system. The gold fish exercise stimulated the pelvic area and relived pressure in the spine. It also rejuvenated spinal fibers tangled from incorrect posture, hunching and physiological stress.

To perform the gold fish exercise, you need to warm up first. Using a yoga mat or lying on the floor. Legs should be straight with both heels and thighs touching the floor. Your feet need to be perpendicular to the ground with your palms touching the floor. Your body should be relaxed. You could also perform some beneficial stretches. exercise

The main Goldfish exercise  

Place your palms beneath your neck or cervical vertebrae. Now you can perform this with your legs flat or with your knees pulled up to form an inverted “V”. The arch caused by the small of your back and the floor is reduced and could possibly enhance the effect of the exercise. Now just as you see the man in the video, you need to do the same but remember to place your feet firmly on the ground. Avoid bending your spine. Instead you should wriggle like a goldfish from side to side. Perform for 3 minutes twice a day

The Goldfish exercise will guarantee you a healthy Spine

The goldfish exercise or Kingyo Undo is based on combined natural practices of physiology and philosophy into their ancient systems which proved fruitful in natural healing. The Kingyo Undo or the Goldfish will most certainly benefit you in terms of spinal health where your low back pain is sure to disappear within a short time. However, if you are suffering from any orthopedic ailment, always consult your doctor first before attempting any new exercise.

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