The World’s Most Relaxing Music According to Science : Including 6 beautiful Pieces to Soothe Your Mind

Listening to music for relaxation is soothing and calms the mind. There’s nothing like listening to your favorite relaxing music when retiring to bed. In fact science has also proved that music increases brain function and reduces depression.

A study from the 1990’s proved that the “mood” of the music we listened to influenced our perceptions of others. A study in 2002 proved how school children improved their arithmetic performance by listening to calming music. Studies in 1998 observed that listening to noisy grunge music increased hostility, sadness and tension. Music since centuries has been used to induce relaxation where subtle use of chords, tempo and rhythm created a harmonious sound pleasing to the brain. Such music has the power to heal us emotionally in mind body and soul. music

Weightless by Marconi Union, the world’s most relaxing song in the world

New age or designer music was created to improve mental clarity, induce a sense of calm and evoke emotions of caring. A scientific study in the UK consisting of a selected team of sound therapists in collaboration with Manchester band Marconi Union produced a piece of relaxing music which they titled “weightless”. It was regarded as the most soothing and calming song according to science.

Weightless – Marconi Union

The song was first created in 2011 by Lyz cooper who founded the British Academy of Sound Therapy along with band Marconi Union. It was observed to have a calming effect on volunteers who experienced a sense of euphoria while listening to the song.  The rhythm of the song is sustained at 60 beats per minute at the starting and then reduces to 50. When that happened, listeners’ heart rates reduced to match the beat of the song. Scientists also observed that with the reduction in heart rate, blood pressure also reduced. Weightless has been composed using all of the musical principles to induce calm and reduce anxiety.

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Now that you have heard Marconi Union, I’m sure the following six tunes are equally good as relaxing music is concerned. The following pieces of music are the perfect to listen to before sleeping.

Airstream – Electra

Airstreams perfect chilling music. Some viewers suggest playing the music at 0.5 speed (Settings > Speed > 0.5) for added meditative qualities, though it sounds just as good at 2x speed.

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El Condor Pasa – Leo Rojas

Native American Music has an ethereal sound that reflects the harmonious union of man and earth spirit, symbolic of Native American culture. El Condor Pasa as performed by Leo Rojas is one of the best pieces of relaxing music I have listened to.

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Nachtmusik – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Carlos Nakai – Four Sacred Mountains (song for the morning star)

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Call of the Valley-Hariprasad Chaurasia and Shiv Kumar Sharma

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The River –Ananda Shankar

Here’s something truly esoteric in nature. Composed by the late Ananda Shankar it is his signature piece of fusion music almost like trance.

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