10 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy and How to Get Rid Of Them

As proposed by the most revered Dalai Lama, here are 10 bad habits that drain your energy and what you need to do about them. The solution to each of these problems is to act now.

In a fast-paced world of stressful work and lifestyle, many of us feel mentally and physically exhausted.  We feel burdened by fatigue, stress and anxiety and yet we fail to understand or recognize the habits that drain us of mental energy and how to avoid them. It is the simple tasks of life that we tend to put off are the main reasons for anxiety night and day. They could be involving a deadline or a payment and that is what nags us but because we tend to be lazy about it, it is ultimately we who are the cause of our own problems.

1. Keep your promises

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Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. In an effort to be nice you destroy your own name. If you make a promise, stick with it.

There is a lot of truth in this sentence. You can’t please everyone and never try to please someone with a promise that you know may be hard for you to keep because when you can’t deliver, you won’t be regarded as a nice person anymore.

 2. Stay Away from Toxic People


Many times, through wanting to help people, we end up receiving complaints and negative energy from others. Surround yourself with positive people, and avoid the toxic ones.

How true. There are some people who can never see the good in you and are full of criticism and demonization. Such negative elements only induce negative energy and zap you of positivity. Surround yourself with healthy minded positive people

3. Pay your bills on time

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“Don’t owe anyone anything” should be your life motto. Always pay back your debts on time. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

One of the worst habits is procrastination and that includes delaying your bills. This can reach a dangerous point where you may be burdened with interest, fines and penalties. Bills have to be paid; avoiding bill payments makes them increase along with your own mental tension. If you owe someone money, don’t make them grovel and run for it, you only tarnish your own self respect.

 4. Learn to Forgive

www.spiritselfhealth.com-habits that drain your energy

If we choose to live with unforgiveness, we choose to suffer. Instead of poisoning yourself with hatred, choose to forgive and move on, whether or not someone deserves your forgiveness. Do it to give yourself peace. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest.

Holding a grudge is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Hatred is a negative element and when we hold a grudge we retain the negativity within us. No one wants you to go and treat the person who has wronged you like the most important person in your life.  It’s hard to let go but you do yourself a favor when you do. Why should you allow the negative experience of someone’s wrong doing to affect you in an adverse way, there is no sense in it. So learn to forgive and let go and you’ll feel the difference.

 5. Focus on doing what you like

www.spiritselfhealth.com-habits that drain your energy

Sometimes we need to do things we don’t enjoy but, when possible, delegate the tasks you don’t like doing and focus on what you are passionate about.

Responsibility is hard but a work that is your responsibility needs to be done. If there are tasks which you feel aren’t for you, delegate them to others and focus more on what you are passionate about because that’s when you increase your own productivity and work won’t cause any tension.

6. A time for every purpose

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There’s time to rest and time to act. Both are equally important and necessary in your life. Do not forget it.

How often have we heard these wise words that there is a time for everything? When at work, take a few minutes off to eat, when at home leave your work worries behind and focus on some family time. You experience every loved one once in a lifetime and you are a witness to their lives as much as they are to yours. Take time out for yourself too as you need your own moments of reflection, your own space. Just as you make time for everything else, so it should be for work and action.

7. Don’t clutter…renew!

www.spiritselfhealth.com-habits that drain your energy

If you want to let your life flow, don’t get stuck. Start by rearranging your bedroom or renovating your closet. Your home is a reflection of your energy, and clutter blocks its natural flow. So if you want to clear your mind, start by clearing out the clutter in your space.

A cluttered and untidy bedroom or home doesn’t just look bad, it could well be causing your brain to be cluttered too as one of the bad habits that drain your energy. Research at UCLA observed that stress hormones spike in those having to always deal with clutter around the home. This was assessed form mothers’ stress hormones from 23-middle-classed Los Angeles families. Rather than clutter your home, keep some rejuvenating indoor plants that create positive energy at home

 8. Face adversity

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Do not hide from confrontations. If something bothers you, express it and cut it out of your life. Do not wait for the solution to fall from the sky. It’s often right here — you just have to look around.

Face your demon and get it over with. Don’t hide behind excuses and timeframes postponing the dealing of a nagging problem for later. Its nagging you either way,  so shouldn’t you get it over with without fearing the outcome.

 9. Keep an eye on your health

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Even the most brilliant mind can’t do without good health. Those who take care of both their physical and mental health needs are much happier. Spend enough time taking care of your body.

Easier said than done for many, but this is perhaps the most important aspect of not giving in to bad habits that drain your energy. Have you ever realized that you aren’t alone in this world and there are many who love to see you and be with you every day like your family? You owe it to them to remain in good health, Being in good health will obviously contribute to a stronger mind adept at dealing with life’s challenges making you a focused and happier person.

 10. Let your life flow

www.spiritselfhealth.com-habits that drain your energy

You are a part of everything, and everything is part of you. Stop fighting with life, accept it, and let yourself be carried away by the flow. Just remember that you are the one who navigates the boat.

Yes, you are the master of your own life. If you are in any situation such as work which you feel is draining you mentally, turn your rudder and move away. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that while working or going through life knowing that you can choose to walk away from any confrontation, challenge or problems stressing you out, you learn to deal with them much better because the feeling of stagnation or that you are trapped isn’t there anymore. One of the biggest habits that drain your energy is making yourself feel inadequate and helpless in any situation. Just go with the flow and make problems a part of life that has to be dealt and got over with.Here are some exceptional quotes for a better perspective on life.

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