The Importance of Relationships Impacts Character, Social values and Well-Being


In a fast paced world of business and social commitments the importance of relationships and values takes a backseat. You work day and night. You fulfill your family responsibilities in the capacity of a husband or a wife. You have a best friend on call, yet you seem empty inside. People criticize you. Your lover or your girlfriend nags you constantly for quality time. Your wife is sometimes distraught. Does it ever make you wonder why? Do you realize the true importance of relationships and the moral factors required to sustain one?

The importance of relationships in influencing well being and health of relationships

As it has always been quoted “No Man is an Island”. Thus a relationship is integral to a healthy life. When the emotional benefits of a relationship impact your senses in a positive way, the result is a physiological sense of well being and satisfaction.  In elaborating scientific and psychological evidence promoting the advantages of a relationship, we need someone to vent our problems to, a sympathetic ear. Studies have shown how the qualities of our daily interactions impact our physiological and psychological health. Talking about problems faced in life with your girlfriend or a friend for that matter can help provide a solution. A shoulder to cry on is perhaps the biggest comfort which proves  the importance of relationships where a friend a wife or a lover can comfort a partner in times of sadness or distress.

Isolation breeds contempt, emptiness, and mistrust in others

There are times when you may feel being alone helps you with introspection where you find deriving comfort in your own presence makes keeps you content. But this too is a result of at least one point in your life where you may have had reason to mistrust fellow human beings, you may have been hurt by your partner or you may have been cheated at work. Such incidents may sometimes cause us to look at human failing and regard it as permanent. But just as human frailties are ripe with emotions of resentment, anger and hurt, it is human kindness and benevolence that can even lessen the pain and heal wounds over time. of relationships

Remaining isolated and cutting yourself off from the world can lead to depression, it can make you a cynical person bereft of human emotions that are essential for substance of character. If one remembers the character Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, he was an apt example of such a situation yet in the end it was human companionship that he pined for and nothing else.

Relationships don’t need you to fall in love

The importance of relationships does not only extend to those of a romantic nature.  A man or woman can be soulmates without sharing a relationship of a romantic nature. A married man or woman can have a member of the opposite gender as a friend.  Every person has a role to play and thus a wife or a husband may not always be qualified to play the role of a friend. This is why relationships are categorized by healthy meaningful roles each enriching our loves with positive emotions. of relationships

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is very true. In this fast paced world of work stress there is little room for recreation. Even finding that particular time for recreation becomes a deadline and a commitment. But when you have a friend with whom you can spend a quiet moment in a cafe or in a park, it can do you a world of good.

Romantic relationships are important commitments

The relationship you share with a spouse or a lover may provide your life with fruitful memories that remain cemented within your heart throughout time immemorial. When we speak about romance it should be understand by default we mean those based upon values of trust and togetherness where the reunion of a man and woman ultimately lead to marriage. of relationships

Relationships can be frivolous too but besides the factor of entertainment and leisure those don’t really impact a person on an emotional level. However meaningful relationships on the other hand are rewarding experiences through the richness and quality of emotions that are installed within both husband and wife. Not always is a marital relationship be a bed of roses. There are ups and downs too where sometimes the relationship can be strained. These are not real issues to be concerned about as long as there is a mutual trust, understanding and good communication between the two.

How to maintain a relationship

A relationship of love is based upon the foundations of trust and loyalty where though there may be trying times; these are not factors that can break such a bond. A husband should learn to respect his wife and regard her as an equal partner of provision in a marriage. If he is an earning member she too plays her part in supporting him on the home front. A wife should learn to understand her husband and give him the space he needs especially when home from work.

Both partners if learning to love unconditionally set an unlimited precedent for the other to bear up all human failings as a true reflection of marriage vows “for better or for worse’’. Such a scenario also implies to relationships of all kinds where a friend will accept you for who you are. A wife will accept you as a man you can be not who you profess to be or try to be for her being you is enough. For a husband a wife as a constant companion is a pillar of strength for him. A friend can be an anchor or a rock always there but never demanding your presence. of relationships

Such is the importance of relationships that require us to exist and be there for each other. A hand over a shoulder when you weep and a smile of joy in times of your rejoicing. Relationships are not defined by quantitative values but by a sense humanity and equality.



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