Inspiring Words of Wisdom that Help You Look at Life From a Different Perspective

While Zen quotes provide us with wisdom, there are many quotes which can help provoke a wiser way of thought. It isn’t easy following what wise men have to say because they don’t exactly live your life and only you know how you feel but now and then we come across words that coax us to look at life from a different perspective. Here are some of them to make you feel a bit more content.

Words of Wisdom-Take a different path of wisdom

How often do we go through life living every moment in anxiety? We feel that we have been dealt a raw deal; we feel that we don’t deserve what life throws at us. Don’t keep dwelling on your failures because they aren’t failures in the broad spectrum of life. of wisdom

The past the present and the future of wisdom

When you try to achieve and you don’t, perhaps life is telling you to take a different path. Just know that whatever you do, you do it for just one moment only because you may not get that chance again but it doesn’t mean that your entire life is based on that one particular moment. of wisdom

That moment which may create a memory of happiness or a ghoul of depression or sadness is just one moment. So live it and let it go because there will be many such moments of perhaps equal or deeper emotional intensity. Grieve for a loved one, be happy for the memories but don’t cheat your present. Remember the past by all means but do not allow yourself to be controlled by the emotions of the past. Hope for your future but don’t waste your life waiting to live the future, it never comes.

Words of Wisdom-The world around us

if every individual were to be aware of the existing beauty around them, be it at home or work or anywhere, if each one of us were to take just a few moments of our time to watch and wonder with perhaps the same awareness of a child observing something for the first time, then just how much more appreciative would we be of life, would not the tension of harrowing moments or the depression  of sadness seem lighter, could we not then say that just as life is harsh, it is also beautiful and comforting. of wisdom

Unfortunately, many of us are yet to achieve this positive aspect of one’s personality that is present within each one of us, yet lying dormant. The tendency to live everyday life in the manner of dull everydayness, similar to a robot , that is our human failing, the child within us should never be allowed to die with childhood. You don’t really need words of wisdom to open your eyes,  You just need to feel alive.

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